Brain and Body Health

Brain and Body Health is a clinic in the heart of Gladesville who uses a collaborative team approach to therapy. Each therapist contributes to every patients rehab so that they have an accelerated heal time and get the best each discipline has to offer.

Our clinic sees a range of cases from musculo-skeletal to the neurological (vertigo, tbi predominantly) we have access to neuro testing equipment (vHIT, VNG, HRV, etc) if you are interested in neuro rehab.

We are looking for someone who want to be part of a team and to work along side others so patients get the best results possible. At the moment the team consists of 2x Chiropractors, 2x Massage Therapists, 1x Occupational therapist and an Acupuncturist. Physiotherapy is the one major modality we are missing and we are looking forward to adding the right person to the team.

If you have an interest in neuro/ musculo-skeletal rehab, enjoy working in a team, open to learning new skills, staying up to date with research and having a laugh with mates in between patients then you will be a perfect fit.