Move Health Services Pty Ltd

Move Osteopathy is one of Brisbane’s leading allied health care clinics focusing on solutions for musculoskeletal and spinal pain problems.

Our treatments are patient specific and evidence-based; we examine and assess the individual using orthopaedic examination protocols to diagnose the type and extent of the condition.

We aim to understand how strain and force are locked, stored and compensated for in the body’s structure and soft tissues.

We design and implement unique treatment programs for the individual utilising manual therapies and exercise rehabilitation to release the structure and correct movement behaviours.

Our process is underpinned by education throughout; from helping our patients understand their movement patterns and the importance of exercise, to clearing up beliefs about their pain that may be limiting their progress and recovery.

From diagnosis through to enabling the patient to take back control, we follow a simple 4 step process: Release; Retrain; Strengthen; Maintain