Activ Therapy Casula

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We use the best techniques from Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Exercise Physiology to deliver outstanding results for our clients and improve the health of our community.

Activ Therapy Casula Casula NSW, Australia
Mar 19, 2021
Full time
Progress your Private Practice Career Work, learn and develop your skills in a supportive multi-disciplinary team who are well-established and respected in the community. This is your chance to build a successful career in private practice under the guidance of Senior Physiotherapists who have 1000's of hours of experience and have spent $10,000's in their professional education.  And you get this - FREE! With 12 locations across Sydney, Activ Therapy needs talented physiotherapists to keep up with the growing demand.  What you will find at Activ Therapy: 1.   Intensive Induction Program   to teach you the ins-and-outs in becoming a successful private practice Physiotherapist, boosting your clinical competence and confidence in record time. You will learn techniques that work and how to combine this with the right exercises to provide lasting results. 2.   Comprehensive 1-on-1 Mentorship   program by experienced Physio's to fast-track your personal development...