Norton St Chiropractic

Norton St Chiropractic

Experts in:

Nerve, muscle and skeletal frame interactions.

The Philosophy:

In a society where flexion-based lifestyles are routinely adopted, we deprive our nerves, muscles and skeletal frames of fundamental movements essential for health. For this reason, our philosophy will always be to educate, move and strengthen.​​

Educate our patients on poor habitual postures, joint function, injury management and detrimental sleep patterns by explaining the what, why and how. 

Move our patients from an inactive flexion-based lifestyle by progressively reintroducing the global and segmental joint movements our bodies instinctively crave. 

Strengthen our patients' nerve, muscle & skeletal frame interactions through a series of progressive rehabilitative exercises. 

The Chiropractor:

A Macquarie University Masters graduate, Tim prides himself on being an evidence based Chiropractor that addresses the direct cause of dysfunction through the study of nerve, muscle and skeletal frame interactions.

Having trained under two-time CAA 'Chiropractor of The Year' Dr John Kelly, Tim has extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of spinal and peripheral joint injuries.

Tim has always enjoyed an active, healthy lifestyle with an avid interest in dynamic movement training and calisthenics, snowboarding and sprint series triathlons. He also has a passion for studying new languages and is currently learning to speak Armenian.

The Clinic: 

Nestled in the heart of Leichhardt, our boutique and innovative Chiropractic clinic has been providing the highest quality, evidence-based healthcare for over 31 years. 

Our patient focused clinic leverages relationships with local medical and allied health professionals, facilitating a holistic team care management style - an idyllic approach to patient care.