Adjusting to Health Pty Ltd

  • Bonnyrigg

Adjusting to Health is a Chiropractic and Physiotherapy clinic located in Western Sydney.

The clinic has been operating for three years and is rapidly growing.

The clinic offers the following services:

- Chiropractic

- Physiotherapy

- Massage therapy.

Our clinic provides evidence-based chiropractic and physiotherapy care for patients of all ages. We specialize in acute and chronic care, sports and work-related injuries, spinal dysfunction and extremity pain.

We utilize a whole range of treatment modalities based on current research and trends including postural and functional analysis, adjustments, rehabilitation programs, dry needling, soft tissue techniques, and postural and ergonomic advice.

Our aim is to restore your patient’s well-being through active intervention and empowering the patient to care for themselves. Through preventative care, we reduce the number of minor problems progressing into serious problems.