Precision Physio

Live Young! This is Precision Physio’s motto.

It’s what we all want!


Whether it is having the youthful spring in your step, that feeling of ease or it’s the Power and Spring of an Athlete – it’s how that ease of movement changes our physical lives and changes how we feel inside – being alive and full of energy.


Living Young – it’s in how we move and how we feel – it’s about Living Life


At Precision we have a system, which is focused on becoming a better you, improving your mobility, changing how you move and creating great movement patterns/habits. When this happens, there is ease of movement, which has you feeling/looking youthful, giving you more power, more agility greater energy.


Precision Physio has two multidisciplinary clinics with Physios and Exercise Physiologists working together to help clients/athletes reach their ‘Live Young’ goal. Our clinics are situated at St Marys and Concord.


To commence all new staff complete a 5 month intensive induction program, aimed at massively enhancing your clinical development.

Precision Physio St Marys NSW, Australia
Dec 28, 2018
Full time
Physiotherapy Area: Western Sydney Do you want to join a company who is transforming our industry to get awesome outcomes for your patients? Do you want to be advancing your diagnostic and management skills to really change people's lives? Do you want to work in a private practice where physios and exercise physiologists really work together in an interdisciplinary team, with a focus on performance? Are you keen to develop your skills and seriously achieve awesome results for your patients - then we want to meet you! We are a young team, working closely together to create a great environment for our team and our patients. We are always looking to push forward, to grow and develop and we want people who are eager to grow with us. To commence you will complete a 5 month intensive induction program, aimed at massively enhancing your clinical development. You will become highly skilled at • Using precise assessment techniques • Applying the latest concepts in movement science • Implementing Precision Physio's tailored programs to consolidate your current knowledge and skills immediately apply to your patients • Using Precision's Performance Pyramid to easily communicate with your patients to get great outcomes. We close to the M4 with 3 AEPs and 5 physios at our St Marys clinic. We are looking for a passionate, motivated and driven Physiotherapist. Please forward your application to the Recruitment Officer via email. Email: