Function has become the first movement clinic guided by physiotherapists. We have developed a way to help treat, rehabilitate, and restore the functional movement of our clients through different types and levels of movement classes. 

We have expanded recently adding the first aerial and Pilates centre within our clinic to allow more powerful movements with instructors and clinicians. We have a very strong manual handling base and have added to this our rehabilitation centers. No more smash and bash, interfrential machines, and no boring weights with sets and reps.

We have a great culture within our team and have only been growing for the past 5 years. There is a great dynamic between our instructors, Physio’s and admin team and will keep to enhance on this to get a better outcome for our clients. 

Function Gladesville NSW, Australia
Feb 03, 2019
Part time
Have you ever thought what is out there that is proving to be effective in helping patients? What about Treatment, Rehabilitation, Movement Restoration?  Have you been thinking you want to make a change to the health system with the way you approach your treatments and patient interactions?  Are you looking for a place of care, compassion, and community?  Want an opportunity to grow within the same business and have an option to become more than just a physiotherapist? We have become One of the first movement spaces in Sydney, owned by - and strictly operated by qualified therapists and specialists.. We have beenworking endlessly on our system of patient care from the highest levels of manual therapy to clinical pilates, and now our own custom boutique movement centre. We are now the only centre within 15kms offering aerial movement, yoga and reformer pilates classes all under one roof. A place of wellness, healing, strength and capability. We are now the first Physio Clinic which has its own movement clinic that has allowed us to be more refined physios.  We have a mentoring program and IST for on-going CPD. There will be an excellent starting salary depending on experience and option for contractor work if preferred. The right candidate has the opportunity to take over a big case load from the practice manager who is stepping into more manager roles. We are looking for a enthusiastic, motivated, and very good attitude physio who has great work ethics and doesn't shy away from team work.  Job Requirements (not all points critical)  We are expanding with this big move and are now considering applications of physiotherapists with the following qualities; - Is an enthusiastic and motivated person - An individual that has a great vision of where they want to be in their career - Is SFMA and/or FMS trained - Has training and understanding of Clinical Pilates - Willingness to learn and develop within our system - Minimum experience 1-2 years - Willingness to work over two different sites (5kms apart) - Any extra qualifications would be help your application but are not essentials ( we use the following approaches dean watson, Barbra Hungerford AMTA)  apply and see if you’re that candidate we are looking for