Physio Direct Ltd

Physio Direct is a (mostly) fun privately-owned musculoskeletal physiotherapy company based in little old New Zealand. We do our best to provide quality physiotherapy services to rural areas where most times, they would otherwise not have a service. Great huh? We currently have 14 clinics across the country offering a multitude of locations for people like you to explore, in a company car (!) and a 3-day weekend! Whaaat? That’s right! We do have some city locations too for those of you who are not keen to get your feet dirty and would rather live the high life, so we have something for everyone! We have a great package including the car I mentioned, but also subsidised fully furnished accommodation and a whole lot of other things which make a pretty sweet deal.
We are looking for Superstar Physios. Our emphasis is on company culture and we strive to have a culture people enjoy being part of. Because of this value, we place a strong emphasis on hiring the right people with the right personality to fit that culture.
Complete the survey below and see if you have what it takes.
If we think you have what it takes to be our next superstar, we will be in touch!