Gym Physio

At Gym Physio, we understand our clients desire to return to their training and exercise regime or sporting activity as soon as possible. We therefore provide one on one assessment and treatment consultations to fully understand our clients injury. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we will explain and implement an appropriate treatment plan and provide advice and guidance so that our client understands the ROOT CAUSE of their initial injury and the preventative methodologies that they can undertake to minimising the reoccurrence of their injury.

Operating within fitness centres has also enabled us to provide effective and efficient treatment for WorkCover and CTP clients. This involves rehabilitating their injuries, followed by a structured exercise program within the gym to ensure ongoing maintenance of their condition.

If you, or anyone you know, are suffering from an injury caused by physical training, exercise or a sporting activity, call Mark on 0423 961 209. We guarantee quality and effective service.

We look forward to help you achieve your fitness goals!