Allied Health Services Australia and Paediatric Centre Gold Coast

Paediatric Centre Gold Coast is an example of a truly collaborative paediatric clinical and non-clinical environment, to which its entire focus is toward the gathering of extensive expertise and locating that within a contemporary, innovative and caring location. All of the experience required, assisting each of us with our little investments under the single roof.

Paediatric Centre Gold Coast represents the collaboration of Medical Specialist, Allied Health and Education within a child friendly environment. Originally, an idea that was born from a genuine desire to ensure that the children of the Gold Coast region enjoyed high quality and accessible care to which other regional centres are already accustomed.

The Medical Specialist (i.e. Neurologist, Paediatrician) and Allied Health clinicians of Paediatric Centre Gold Coast carefully transition your child through to adult services upon them reaching the appropriate age. Comprehensive and collaborative meetings occur between clinicians to ensure each child is comfortable with the large step often perceived between moving from Paediatric to Adult medical and allied health services.

However, in contrast to what the name may describe, Paediatric Centre Gold Coast also seeks to provide service provision to those smaller centres located regionally via a combination of on-site and technologically innovative methods.

Paediatric Centre, Gold Coast aims to provide an all-inclusive approach for all those in need from birth – 18 years of age. Looking after the whole family is the key to a child’s long-term success and that often includes the mother, father and siblings. Several programs and services are available aimed to maintain the physical and psychological health of both the mother and father individually and where applicable assist the family unit as a whole, be that traditional or dynamic.

As a Team, Allied Health Services Australia represents a very comprehensive, well-established Allied Health service provider with over 16-years experience. Other areas of service provision include: Aged Care, Medical Centres, Work Place Health, Community, Clinic based Rehabilitation and Education and Training.