Business Context

At Fixio Sports Physio we value growth, results and giving people an outstanding healthcare experience. We are a relatively new business which has experienced quick growth and we are needing to hire an exceptional physiotherapist to join the team. Our mission is to offer our community a superior experience throughout their injury journey to get back to their peak physical selves and get them back to play. We don’t just want to get people functionally better, but we build a plan based on what each individual wants - whether that be high level sport, playing with their kids or 100% pain free. We will only have the best team handling our community who expect the premium service that they receive. As a company we’re committed to continual growth and excellence as both physiotherapists and as people and as such mentoring & support on external courses is a high priority and well supported. 

Success for us at Fixio is all about the little things to make the experience and journey to recovery seamless, easy and demystified for the patient. We are constantly striving towards and achieving our patients objectives, while delighting them along the way. High levels of communication (both listening and effectively delivering messages) paired with empathy and problem solving to tailor make rehabilitation plans and construct their rehab journey will prove successful in this role. 

The clients/ community

Located a 10min stroll from Dee Why Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we have a diverse spectrum of patients ranging from elite athletes and weekend warriors who need to be back on the field yesterday, to chronic pain and complex musculoskeletal presentations who require a multipronged biopsychosocial approach. Each patient presents with their own objectives to achieve in a rehab plan which we bespoke write for the individual. What joins our community together is a drive to change their current situation and stopping at nothing to achieve that goal.