I am an Australian Physiotherapist based in the U.K, and was pleased to come across this group for two reasons:

1: We have a well established Private Physiotherapy business here in the north east of England and am trying to develop a pathway for Australian Physiotherapists to be able to travel/work here in a very familiar setting as we would like to think that we have a very Australian style. The covid pandemic has obviously put the brakes on this pathway but we are preparing for the inevitable relaxation of restrictions and have no doubt that many Australian Physiotherapists would be looking to travel when the time is right for them

2: My family/I intend to spend time between the two countries over the coming years and therefore this group is also applicable to myself as I may look to do some locum work in Australia when there

If possible and as I wanted to be absolutely transparent, would it be possible for someone to reply to this message regarding point 1 above? I was not sure whether informing Australian Physiotherapists about opportunities here fit in with what you are wanting and there will be no problem if this would not be permitted. Many thanks and I hope that you are all staying safe, rest assured that all Australians here in the U.K feel for what is going on there having been through such a strange time here over the past 18 months.

Many thanks again,

Neil Sleeman