Optimus Health Group

Optimus is latin for ‘best’ and that is what Optimus Health strives to do.

  • Provide the best physiotherapy in Melbourne & Mooloolaba

  • Provide the best sports trainers and sports first aiders to community sports clubs and school teams.

  • Provide the best performance facility to help our clients get strong and stay strong.

We are health professionals who are passionate about community health. A bit different from the ‘standard’ private practice, you won’t find a quiet, boring, sterile clinic when you come to Optimus Health Group! Our patients come from all walks of life and our treatment style reflects that - we aim to return you to the sports field as soon as possible, get you back into work or to the gym, and/or reduce your pain and improve your movement quickly. Unlike many other clinics, we don’t believe in ‘over servicing’ - the less we see you the happier we are but when you do need our help, rest assured you’ll be well taken care of.

We invite you to explore our website, check out our blog posts, and we look forward to meeting you in clinic or on the sporting fields of Melbourne and Mooloolaba!