chen wenying

  • Physiotherapist
  • Sep 15, 2020
Full time Private Practice Age Care Musculoskeletal Public Hospital Private Hospital Education

Personal Summary

As a physiotherapist in a culturally-diverse, cosmopolitan society like Singapore, it is important for me to be culturally-competent in order to be an effective communicator. Through my experiences working with clients and medical tourists of all age and nationalities, I have learnt to build strong therapeutic relationship and foster a safe and comfortable environment that is culturally familiar to them. To meet their cultural expectations, having the skills to enquire about the cultures, beliefs and preferences of my patients from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds, a robust knowledge of their culture and beliefs as well as leveraging on technology has allowed me to provide a patient-centered, culturally-sensitive service for my patients.

My experience in both the public and private healthcare systems has helped me gain competency in broad areas of physiotherapy specialisations. In my current practice, I am known by my clients for my meticulous care and “firm hold and gentle touch”, which is complemented by my training in Mulligan techniques. The challenge to be a better physiotherapist has fuelled me to take a proactive approach to my learning and I constantly seek to upgrade my skills to be an evidence based practitioner. I am a dynamic and adaptable individual, I wish to develop experience in an environment where I can make a positive workplace contribution whilst furthering my personal interest in travel, culture, and professional developmental opportunities.